There is a disturbance in the Webz

(Editor’s Note: This is the story of why the formal debut of my blogsite was delayed for about three months. A major power surge shut us down and cost us about $1200 in fried electronics. I write this Note as I’m watching a crew remove a tree that fell during the night from the roof of the neighbor across the street. There always is someone facing larger challenges.)

There is a great disturbance in the Webz.

It appears that Lugh, Irish god of lightning, has seen fit to launch a cyber attack against Chez CynO’B. He did this in the form of a severe thunderstorm that unleashed sound and fury (and a great deal of water) on our freehold here in north Pineville (aka Charlotte).

As usual, this unleashing of the elements occurred when I wasn’t home. I doubt the existence of any protective aura on my part, but it does seem that nearly every time I’m away for a day or more there is a storm or other caused power outage to deal with. After a while, you begin to wonder.

In this case, the assault from above came in the form of a very loud “boom” that woke up Cyndy (who works at night) with a jolt and sent Tucker (our dog) leaping onto the bed and into her arms, quivering. Frankly, had I been home, I think I would have cleared some air, punctuated with my startled ‘girlie’ scream. (Cyndy calls it a ‘girlie scream’, but I don’t agree).

Luckily I did not encounter this storm while driving back home, but I did see the angry dark clouds over the Queen City as I hit the beltway around town. It looked pretty bad and I expected I might get a good soaking in the driveway.

The good part is that after having been on the road much of the last two days the shower would save time. The over-worn clothes could use a nice pre-soak too, As it turned out, the storm had done its work and skulked away. The lack of getting rained on would be the only good thing Lugh left behind.

Lugh, you remember him, I brought him up earlier. As it turns out, in addition to being the Druidic god of lightning, he also claims purview as the “god of skills” that includes poets, musicians and historians. I would suggest that Lugh’s span of control also covers writers – and in this millennium – the mutant scion of bloggers.

How else can I interpret the reality that a week after I get this bogging site up ad running – after three or four years of hemming and hawing over allowing the ‘perfect’ to beat the crap out of the ‘good’ – a literal bolt from above shuts me down.

Before I digress any further, let me get to the point – that loud “boom” blew out half the electronics in the house. “BOOM!” There went the Roku TV and the big Lenovo laptop (where I kept all my blogging tools that I as yet had not had sense enough to park on one of the cloud drives that Amazon, Microsoft, Google).

BTW, I’ve been told that the term “cloud” was coined by an international manufacturer of business machines, probably at a time I was working for them. The bar code also was invented by said employer probably under the same roof (which is the ceiling-Michael Jordan said so) I was working under. Very big roof. But I digress …

Also getting fried were the “smart” Dell monitor, the docking station that tied both external monitors and speakers to the system and an 11-port USB hub. During the extensive damage analysis process, I found Lugh also was able to fry an Apple Lightning Cable far, far down at the end of the electricity chain, but for some reason it didn’t affect the cord to which it was attached, nor the peripheral device to which it was connected. The initial estimate was that the total damage done to be approximately $1200.

“Dumb ass, you should have had surge protectors guarding all that.”

Actually I did, but that apparently was a really, really big “boom.” Cyndy said the bang was so loud and close she expected something to crash into the house afterward. (Ed: Much like the tree that fell on the house across the street today I suppose.) Lugh laughed “HaHa” at my puny efforts using cheap ass power strips. That power spike got all up in my mess and blew me off my production schedule. I ended up looking like something from a Twilight Zone corporate IT installer’s nightmare surrounded by junk.

Oh, I forgot. The surge also blew out the aroma therapy diffuser that sits on the end of my desk. Instead of diffusing, it just sits there blinking like an emergency light during a fire drill. The problem is it’s not supposed to blink. But now, that’s all it does. Poetically, I’ve left it plugged in and it’s been blinking away since last Wednesday at a rate hopefully too slow to elicit any epileptic reactions. It will continue sitting there blinking until I get all these systems recovered. (Ed: it’s gone now.)

In short, what we have here, is a grade A, # 1 First World Problem.

There are people out in the world worried about getting enough food or clean water and I’m whining about having to cope with only having two monitors and using a backup docking station hooked to a smaller, slightly slower Lenovo.

In the days before movable type, newspapers still were able to hit the streets and the Colonials were able to print “Common Sense,” get it passed around and start a revolution. All without electronics, yet I was gobsmacked.

This could serve as a poignant metaphor about how we are trapped by our technology, but that’s not important right now. That may well could be a post for another day, but for now we’re simply detailing how an unexpected “oh sh*t!” moment can throw you for a loop. It’s amazing how a loud scary noise can make you poop your pants and burn out your computer.

That’s power right there.

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